Featured Projects

New 120-unit luxury building in Eastchester, NY


Featuring: Intellihot iQ Series

(2) iQ751’s and (1) tellibot.


Fresh off the assembly line are Intellihot's new Neuron Series!


(2) iN501’s being installed in a municipal housing project in Yonkers NY.


One of 12 buildings being retrofitted, consisting of: (19) iN501’s and (9) iN401’s.

A total of (28) Neurons!


They’re replacing (2) steam coils in 100gal storage tanks each. Their light weight and slim design makes it easy to drop them down a 12’ shaft to boiler room.

Inside look at the progress of a recent project.


191 rental apartments and

210 room Renaissance Marriott Hotel.


Featuring: RBI Boilers & Water Heaters

(6) RBI Futera Fusion CB4000’s

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