We proudly represent high efficiency products,
providing superior output and performance at reduced energy costs


RBI Boilers & Water Heaters provide
solutions that are both economical
& effective. Models are available to
fit any commercial application, from
non-condensing to full condensing in
an exceedingly wide range of
100,000 to 6,000,000 BTUs.


RBI offers one of the most complete
lines of boilers and water heaters
available today.

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 Delivering the ultimate in
commercial on-demand
water-heating capacity


  • 94% efficiency

  • Smart Modularity with Built-In Redundancy

  • High Capacity in a Compact Unit

  • High turn-down to meet demand

  • Works on Low 2.5” WC Gas Pressure

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High Recovery Indirects

  • 99% Heat Transfer Efficiency

  • Small Footprint - Highest Recovery

  • Prevents Bacterial Growth

  • Well Insulated

  • Industry's best Commercial Warranty

ERGOMAX is a heat exchanger using
thermal storage & turbulence to heat
water instantaneously on demand.
ERGOMAX can be connected to any source of heat such as boilers (gas, oil, electric), solar, geothermal etc.

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Hydronic Products

  • Cabinet Unit Heaters

  • Kickspace Heaters

  • Commercial Finned Tube

  • Convectors

  • The Toester, Turbonics’ flagship product, was introduced in 1980 and continues today to set the precedence for quality and performance in kickspace heaters sold in North America

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On-Demand Pump
Recirculation Control Systems


  • Quick installation whether it's a retrofit or new construction

  • Get hot water quickly, provides the convenience of on-demand hot water

  • Saves thousands of gallons of water and saves energy, only operates when you need hot water

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Heat Pump
Water Heating Systems


  • Air Source Pump & Water Source Modular Series

  • High Efficiency

  • Heats Potable Water Up to 160 Degrees

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Heat Exchangers

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

  • Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

  • Pool Heaters

Electric Hot Water Boilers


  • Built with requirements of ASME
    Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code and ASME CSD-1

  • Made of carbon steel construction

  • Wide variety of models from
    15 to 900 KW to match any electric hot water boiler application

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Custom Pump Packages

  • Commercial Booster Pumps

  • Indirect Instantaneous Water Heater Package

  • Custom Fabrication & Skid Packages

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Staged Pallet System

  • All Stainless Components For Corrosion Resistance & Uncompromised Water Quality

  • Multiply Fused Electrical Design To Prevent Surge Damage To Control Electronics

  • Manifold & Pump Circuit Piping Sized To Accommodate a Full Range Of Flows With Minimal Losses

  • Full Port Ball Valves Used To Reduce Pressure Loss

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Solutions for Hydronic Balancing

  • Automatic Flow Limiting

  •  Manual Balancing

  •  Steel Coil Connection Kits

  • Stainless Steal Flex Hose

  • Components and Kits


Combination Heat/DHW Gas Fired Modulation Boiler

  • Easy natural gas to propane conversion

  • Wall mounted construction

  • Panel mounted controls

  • Low pressure drop ASME Cylindrical Parallel flow stainless steal heat exchanger

  • Pre-piped & build-in Expansion Tank (combination only)


Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland

Add 591 BTU's per foot
to your existing system


  • Improves radiation, fixes cold spaces

  • No cutting/soldering & installs in minutes - a true DIY device

  • Saves energy by lowering thermostats & boiler temps

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Baseboard Reconditioning System

  • A revolutionary cover that installs
    in a snap

  • Requires no special tools or skills 

  • Will not rust, dent, or chip

  • Gives the existing unit a more visually pleasing modern appearance